Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Airports and the afflicted with casadastraphobia: The fear of things falling from the sky.

Like helicopters and airplanes for example. Are you suffering from casadastraphobia in the Town of Lantana or City of Lake Worth? You have nothing to fear. But your friends on the other side of Lake Osborne do.

A little later on in this blog post are two maps.

Please Note: There is no ‘Lantana Airport’. That regional airport is called the Palm Beach County Park Airport (PBCPA) and is located outside the City of Atlantis in unincorporated Palm Beach County.

If you happen to be frightened of aircraft falling out of the sky don’t fear living in the Town of Lantana. And don’t fear the unincorporated area called Lake Osborne Estates either. The noise may be a bit bothersome though. The municipality you should avoid is that Great Walled City of Atlantis immediately west of PBCPA, a County-owned airport to the south of the County’s John Prince Park (JPP).

This airport (FAA Identifier: LNA) along Congress Ave. is about 200–300′ from Congress Ave (see map below). The area shaded blue is the Village of Palm Springs. East of the PBC Park Airport, across Lake Osborne, is the unincorporated area called Lake Osborne Estates and further east is the Town of Lantana (shaded red).

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Congress Ave. runs north-south;
Lantana Rd. runs east-west). 

The City of Atlantis is shaded Royal Yellow,
immediately west of airport:

North of Lantana is the City of Lake Worth.
Both JPP and the regional PBC airport are “unincorporated” or can also be called “suburban Lake Worth”.

Here are the municipal limits of Lantana (shaded):

If you are interested in learning more about the Town of Lantana and neighboring areas contact the Greater Lantana Chamber of Commerce. And all sufferers of casadastraphobia are welcome. Including those from Atlantis who need some relief.