Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Common FAQs: Traffic calming and slowing down traffic in this vibrant, little City of Lake Worth.

But first, before we get to the FAQs. . .

About the ribbon cutting yesterday for the long-awaited 2nd Ave. South roadway project using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the County. Please take note of highlighted “ADA ramps” which is explained later:

This extensive project will involve a full roadway reconstruction including the sidewalks, ADA ramps, traffic calming measures, decorative pavement and more . . . This project was funded by a Community Development Block Grant from the Palm Beach County Department of Economic Sustainability. If you have any questions regarding the project please feel free to contact [Lake Worth] Public Services at 561-586-1720.

Press release issued by the City of Lake Worth, January 2016.

It’s interesting to note the City press release issued 2½ years ago cited “ADA ramps” but the words “boaters” and “boat ramps” are not. ADA  =  Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Why should this be important for the public to know? Because there is a very misleading headline by the editor in The Palm Beach Post print edition today:

City paves, makes 2nd Avenue South
one-way street for boaters

And then to make matters even more confusing, the article starts off with this line:

To help boaters get into Bryant Park’s boat ramp, Lake Worth used a community development block grant. . .

The 2nd Ave. South project is a COMMUNITY project.

Note that the ‘C’ in CDBG stands for “COMMUNITY”.

If the 2nd Ave. South project was just for boaters think it would be highly unlikely the CDBG funds would have ever been issued for this project in the first place. One would hope this misconception doesn’t put at risk further CDBG funding for a project next year.

Everyone in this City of Lake Worth should contact the Palm Beach County Dept. of Economic Sustainability and thank them for all the hard work they did to make the 2nd Ave. South COMMUNITY project happen. Contact information:

PBC Dept. of Economic Sustainability, 100 Australian Ave., Suite 500, West Palm Beach, FL 33406. Phone number is 561-233-3600. The director of this County department is Carlos Serrano, email:

Now back to “Common FAQs: Traffic calming and slowing
down traffic. . .”

Below is a very helpful video produced by the City with a facilitator that really grabs the attention of the public in a sunny and cheerful way.

However, very briefly, there was and remains much confusion about CDBG funds from the County and the City of Lake Worth’s Neighborhood Road Bond, take for example the 2nd Ave. South road project, officially unveiled just yesterday.

But prior to this year’s Street Painting Festival last February a story in the Post muddled the issue even more, confusing the public and forcing a response from the City:

“Just a point of clarification and I hope people understand, 2nd Ave. South is not part of the Neighborhood Road Program. It’s not part of the bond issue.”

Quote by Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein at a City Commission meeting on January 16th.

Now to the City’s Neighborhood Road Bond. Do you have any questions, e.g., like about traffic calming? Upcoming schemes? All that information and much more can be found by clicking on this link.

And without further ado, the video from the City. A facilitator grabs the attention of the public in attendance at City Hall and later two consultants begin informing the public about many issues, including how to slow down traffic with traffic calming.

At any point in the video, if you wish, go back and watch from the beginning. Just in case you may have missed anything.