Monday, May 7, 2018

Get ready for a big change. Starting October 1st the City of Lake Worth is returning to “Dual Stream Recycling”.

The City will return to using 18-gallon recycling containers for curbside collection in October.

The vast majority of Palm Beach County uses these smaller bins for recycling (blue  =  plastic, cans, glass; yellow  =  paper products. Remember “No plastic bags please!” in either container:
Why is this happening? One of the big reasons is many residents of this City have been using the large 55-gallon recycling bin as a second trash receptacle. Please continue reading to learn more.

The Lake Worth Herald: The City of Lake Worth’s best LOCAL source for LOCAL news you can use.

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To see the latest front page LOCAL news click on this link. Pick up the print edition at the City’s newsstand located at 600 Lake Ave. and say “Hello” to Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso. And guess what?
The Herald is still ¢50!

The entire top news story follows from the Herald, news that will most certainly upset and befuddle a lot of people here in this City. . .

On September 16, 2008, the City Commission approved an agreement with Waste Management Inc. of Florida (WM), for a single stream recycling program. Prior to the single stream agreement the City had a dual stream recycling program through SWA [Solid Waste Authority]. The change to single stream was due to compensation the City would receive since SWA was not providing any revenue for recycling at that time.
     WM agreed to pay the City $10/ton of recycling delivered by the City to WM. Single stream recycling is collected from residents via a single container in lieu of separating paper products and plastics/glass into two separate containers.
     Many recycling facilities are moving away from single stream recycling because of a high contamination rate. The high contamination rate is due to the single recycling container being used as a second household trash container. [emphasis added] The single containers are dumped using an automated side load Refuse truck, where the driver can only see the recycling at the top of the container and not any comingled household garbage underneath.
     The City does not receive compensation for contaminated loads. WM is also moving away from dual stream recycling. WM does not want to renew the existing dual stream contract with the City that expires 9/30/18 unless the City agrees to pay WM $85/ton for dual stream recycling. Public Services Director, Jamie Brown told the Commission,
“[T]he difference from receiving $10/ton to paying $85/ton to WM is not financially feasible. The alternative is to return to dual stream recycling and SWA now provides a cost share based on market rate”.

The cost for new dual stream recycle bins citywide is $220 thousand [K], $147K of which the City will need pay back to SWA. For that reimbursement, SWA and the City will have a 50/50 split of the future recycling revenues until the $147K is paid in full. At that point the City will then collect 100 percent of the recycling revenues moving forward.
     The Commission voted 4-0 [Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell absent] to approve the Interlocal Agreement and will return to dual stream recycling on October 1. The City will engage in significant public outreach and educational programs in order to make this recycling transition.

To the question everyone is
asking themselves right now.

What to do with that big 55-gallon
green/yellow recycling bin?

The City will come by and take it away if you want. Stay tuned for news about that later this year from the City of Lake Worth and the Solid Waste Authority.

By the end of September that big recycling bin won’t be worth a hill of beans, right? WRONG! 

Be creative and start thinking of ways to re-purpose that big container.

Stay tuned for more tips to come.

Here is tip #1.