Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Yesterday’s seminar “Automation in Transportation” with Dr. Tim Schwanen, University of Oxford.

This fascinating seminar was held on the 6th floor boardroom at the Port of Palm Beach.

Check back later on today and tomorrow for more about this seminar held yesterday and there are YouTube videos as well.

One of the things that stood out yesterday was Dr. Schwanen discuss the “Heightened Disappointment Cycle” related to the introduction of innovations, e.g., autonomous vehicles for people and freight. This seminar was: 

Presented by FAU’s Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions in cooperation with the Palm Beach County Planning Congress with generous support from FAU’s Freight Mobility Research Institute.

I was graciously allowed by officials at the port and seminar organizers to bring my camera to take photos and some video as well which are ‘cooking’ on YouTube right now and will be ready later on today.

Meet Dr. Tim Schwanen:
From the program: “Tim Schwanen is Director of the Transport Studies Unit and Associate Professor of Transport Studies at the University of Oxford. . . . [R]esearch concentrates on the geographical and social dimensions of the everyday mobilities of people, goods, and information.”

A view from the 6th floor:
Looking at the top deck of a cruise ship from the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

A Tweet from yesterday:

A view inside the boardroom:
Learned yesterday that the Port of Palm Beach is a “taxing district” but has not levied taxes in 39 years. Why? Because it hasn’t needed to.

Another view:
And yes. The many benefits of Brightline were
also discussed as well.

Once again, stay tuned for more
information to come.