Monday, March 19, 2018

What else is left to say. . . .

After an editorial and video below from last Friday at Lake Worth City Hall.

Below the image “Trust Us, It’s Good For You”, is this week’s editorial in The Lake Worth Herald titled, “The reason for the results” vis-à-vis the municipal elections last Tuesday here in this little City of Lake Worth.

And following the Herald editorial is a video that many of you will find encouraging. Or in some cases, a much smaller percentage of people who may not be so thrilled at this particular moment in time.

In short. . . the ghosts of those self-described ‘progressives’ reared their heads once again.

You see, for some, the label “progressive” was just one used to get elected and then re-elected with little to show for it as our streets, sidewalks, water lines and power lines continued to fall into disrepair prior to 2011. This was whilst a previous ‘progressive’ City administration was running the show.

By the way. . .

That’s not to say there haven’t been true “Progressive” voices here in the City of Lake Worth over the years, but those true Progressives got lost in all the noise coming from the Anarchists like Cara Jennings and the anti-government cabal. Maybe some of you will remember a woman named Nan Rich who ran for governor of Florida and back in 2014 wrote on this very blog, “I still think Nan Rich was the better opponent to run against Rick Scott.”

But my Democrat Party leadership in South Florida disagreed that year, and the rest as they say, is history.

Mr. Tom McGow once had a blog that chronicled the goings on in this City. For example, there’s this blog post from 2009 about Mr. Scott Maxwell who was running for a seat on the City Commission.

Maxwell won that election. In 2011, Mrs. Pam Triolo and Mr. Andy Amoroso would run for election, they both won, and then joined Commissioner Maxwell on the dais.

Now back to those so-called, self-described ‘progressives’ that once controlled this
City of Lake Worth.

Remember, these are those very same ‘progressives’ that tried to scuttle the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) from acquiring the $23M NSP2 grant back in 2008–2009:
Without further ado, the entire editorial published in this week’s Lake Worth Herald:

The majority of voters in Lake Worth sent the message they are satisfied with the progress made in rebuilding the infrastructure and improvements in economic development taking place in the City. Re-electing Mayor Pam Triolo and Vice-Mayor Scott Maxwell to another term in office each [District 3 Commissioner Andy Amoroso was unopposed this election cycle].
     Under the leadership of Triolo, businesses have shown interest in relocating to Lake Worth. Prior to Triolo’s first election, the City had suffered several years with no new construction permits applied for and no business investment.
     After six years (3 terms) in office, there are now hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in development and new business in Lake Worth. The Road Bond has been put into action to improve the infrastructure, along with replacement of utilities at the same time to save re-digging up streets. Under their leadership, the rebuilding of the infrastructure is taking a sensible course.
     The majority of voters sent a message of approval with the current Commission and overwhelming satisfaction with Mayor Triolo’s leadership. Scott Maxwell’s challenger, Sarah Malega ran a strong campaign and she should hold her head up and hopefully she will continue to work in the community as she has in the past. The City voters were not quite ready for her message.
     Mayor Pam Triolo’s challenger, Drew Martin is a perennial candidate, having run for office in Lake Worth before as well as a for the County Commission, with the same results, and should probably make this his last effort.
     The City Commission has the best balance of thought among the members it has seen in many years. There is not always consensus on issues, but they get worked out and keep Lake Worth moving forward, unlike previous commissions who had no desire for Lake Worth to improve.
     Those who don’t see improvements being made in their neighborhood should remain patient, projects are underway in various areas of the City and in four years Lake Worth will be a completely new place to walk, bike and drive.
     Previous commissions have ignored these problem issues but this commission bit the bullet, rolled up the sleeves and tackled the issue of a crumbling infrastructure. Not always the popular decision, but a sound one.
     They have also worked hard to increase the tax base in order to lighten the burden on the citizens of the City.
     The combination of economic development, increased tax base and infrastructure repair isn't all peaches and cream, but it is necessary to make them all work together.

The End.

Here is the City’s video of the Swearing In ceremonies at City Hall last Friday.

If you’re short on time, please Fast Forward to the 3:40 mark for when Mayor Pam Triolo called this
meeting to order: