Monday, March 19, 2018

Period for “airing of grievances” ends today: Calling the Election Day winners ‘corrupt’ and those who lost ‘angels’.

Traditionally here in the City of Lake Worth — the day after Election Day until the day prior to the next City Commission meeting following the elections — is reserved for what’s called “the airing of grievances” and not to be taken too seriously.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20th at 6:00
is a City Commission meeting.

So this year’s grievance period began last Wednesday (March 14th) and ends today (March 19th). The typical six (6) day period.

Just as a reminder, click on this link for a refresher: How to properly give public comment at Lake Worth City Commission meetings.

The municipal elections in this little City of Lake Worth are over with this year and ‘the Fat Lady’ has finished singing, which is quite a famous historical phrase in America referencing the stereotypical overweight opera singers such as Kate Smith, “The First Lady of Radio”.

From Wikipedia,

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings is a colloquialism which is often used as a proverb. It means that one should not presume to know the outcome of an event which is still in progress.”

The elections are indeed over with in this City. So you can ‘count your chickens now’ and yes, last Tuesday’s Election Day results are even ‘carved in stone’ after the Swearing In ceremonies last Friday for Mayor Pam Triolo and commissioners Scott Maxwell and Andy Amoroso.

So. At the City Commission meeting tomorrow night at City Hall please be nice and pleasant and please be respectful when giving public comment too!

In short, be congenial!
Add remember the #1 rule: Always be respectful of the Chair at City Commission meetings.

Most of the time the Chair at City Commission meetings is Mayor Pam Triolo:
FYI: One should note, sometimes Mayor Triolo “passes the gavel” and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell becomes the Chair. If Maxwell is not present then the Chair is Vice Mayor Pro Tem Andy Amoroso.