Friday, April 13, 2018

Will next Wesnesday be the new story, “RAB Redux”? Or the same old story, “RAB Prolix”? You demanded RAB be there for you. Will you be there for RAB?

At both City Commission meetings last month City Commissioner Herman C. Robinson made it quite clear to the public that IF NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE SHOW UP NEXT WEEK at City Hall the City’s Recreation Advisory Board (RAB) will be eliminated for good. Kaput.

Were you one of those who wanted to save RAB? Next week, on Wednesday, April 18th, is your FINAL CHANCE.

Meet at City Hall, 6:00, and do your part
to help save the RAB.

Why does this matter?

Because RAB will be “Sunset” for lack of public interest. The word ‘sunset’ is a nice way of saying:

Eliminated, erased, expunged, wiped out, disposed of, gotten rid of, liquidated, exterminated, bumped off, set aside, stamped out, ousted, eradicated, and/or taken out for all time.

So if your desire was to save the RAB because it was in the public interest to resurrect the RAB, show up next week, or if you cannot attend this meeting contact Commissioner Robinson as quickly as possible, or “ASAP” as they say. Like really really quick. And ask Herman what you can do to help save RAB.

Call Commissioner Robinson at 561-586-1734 or send an email to:

“For The Love of Lake Worth!“

Prior to being elected in March 2017, here is one
of then-Mr. Herman C. Robinson’s campaign flyers,
“For The Love of Lake Worth!”
“Let’s work Together”!

Help Commissioner Robinson:
Volunteer and help Save The RAB!