Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The City of Lake Worth and District 14 PBSO need your help to get the facts out.

Here’s the latest. . .

A reporter claiming to be a “veteran journalist living in Tampa, Florida” using information “prepared by NeighborhoodScout” is once again recycling garbage news about crime here in the City of Lake Worth.

Garbage news is called GIGO:
“Garbage In Garbage Out”:

ORLANDO, FL - Two Florida cities have been listed as “Murder Capitals of America” for 2018. Orlando ranked 20th on the list and Lake Worth made the list at No. 30. The list was prepared by NeighborhoodScout, a web-based platform from Location, Inc. . . . In Lake Worth, a city with about 37,800 people, there were 10 murders in 2016 [TWO YEARS AGO!] for a murder rate of 0.26 per 1,000 residents. The safest neighborhood in Lake Worth: Hagen Ranch Road and Northtree Club Drive.

Hagen Ranch Rd. is way out near the Florida Turnpike. Nowhere near the City of Lake Worth.

Now. For the facts about crime in the City of Lake Worth. . .

Did you happen to read an article recently in The Palm Beach Post about crime in this City of Lake Worth? Because, if you did, there is a lot of information that was missing from the story.

There are images and a video of PBSO Cpt. Baer’s presentation given to the Lake Worth City Commission below. Much, much more information was presented than was reported in the Post article.

The story last month was about PBSO Cpt. Baer’s District 14 update to the City Commission. The subtitle on page B1 was, “Number of homicides fell, but sexual assaults increased, data show.” Note that on the issue of sexual assaults Cpt. Baer said:

Sexual assault reports, I read all of them. No sexual assaults are good but they were mostly known offenders. There were no cases where the victim was sexually battered and didn’t know their offender. It was usually familial, unfortunately, or a dating situation. Not that that is good but that’s incredibly difficult to prevent because it’s in their households and whatnot. It’s not out at a bar and things like that.

Cpt. Baer went on to point out. . .

But otherwise all the [crime data] arrows are down including every single property crime. So that’s a good thing. So overall I would be happy to have double-digit decreases. We play a role in that but there’s much more to it as you [Lake Worth City Commission] all know. The City plays a huge role, the economy, so many other factors but it’s encouraging to see [crime decrease]. So I wanted to make sure you are aware.

Note that in one particular “Persons Crimes”, in comparison, West Palm Beach had twenty-seven (27) homicides last year.

If you recall, it was Lieutenant Anthony Johnson who reported the City of Lake Worth will see a 11–13% drop in crime for 2017. Click on this link to learn more
about that City meeting on Jan. 11th.
To learn more about PBSO District 14 and contact information click on this link.

Here are the topics discussed on Jan. 16th.
As you can see, much more was discussed than
just the issue of crime.

What Cpt. Baer referred to as a “regional issue”,
overdose cases (click on image to enlarge):

Click ‘Play’ to watch the entire 22-minute
presentation by Cpt. Baer:

Hope you found this information helpful. Please share this information with all your friends and neighbors.