Friday, July 13, 2018

UPDATE: It’s now up to three hundred and twenty (320) days — over 10½ months — and still counting. . .

. . . Since the last editorial was published in the Post about our little City of Lake Worth.

But tomorrow could be the day! Maybe a hastily put together editorial about a kava bar and a line like, “Since when did downtown Lake Worth turn into a Hong Kong sailor bar?” Drawing more attention to those bigots is exactly what they want. Just like those knuckleheads that drive around with Confederate flags, time has passed them by. Moving on. . .

If you didn’t know, once upon a time it seemed like somebody sneezing at City Hall would elicit an editorial about this City. But that all changed last year. Find out why below.

That’s right, 320 days. Over twenty-two fortnights ago since this City was topic #1 by the editor(s) at The Palm Beach Post on the editorial page. It was about that time last year when everyone was excited about the upcoming annual L-Dub Film Festival at the Stonzek. That was later cancelled because of a storm that formed off the coast of Africa. You may heard about that. It was later named Hurricane Irma. And about the same time “Project title, RFQ 17-305” was big news here in the City of Lake Worth but was never worthy enough news to be published in the Post and that news still has not made the news this year. And the words “vibrancy” and “vibrant” were being used to describe the Gulfstream Hotel about this time in 2017 too.

Later, in November 2017, the Post was put up For-Sale and just last May 1st that newspaper was purchased by GateHouse Media. Have you read any news about that lately in the Post? The editor(s) last year excoriated our City officials and electeds over a medical marijuana facility on Dixie Hwy. and now this year medical marijuana is coming to West Palm Beach. So you see, medical marijuana is OK now.

Hard to believe isn’t it? Almost eleven months since the last editorial was published in The Palm Beach Post about this City.

It’s sort of late now, but wouldn’t it be nice for the editor(s) to pen an editorial and at least acknowledge all the hard work and accomplishments during Irma last year by by the public, City Manager Michael Bornstein, Electric Utility Dir. Ed Liberty, PIO Ben Kerr, the City staff, management and coöperation, and also acknowledge the elected leadership as well here in this little, vibrant, and no-longer-‘inching’ BUT LEAPING City of Lake Worth?

A lot has happened in that 320 days. The beat reporter covering this City, along with almost the entire staff at the Post, evacuated ahead of Hurricane Irma last year and didn’t come back until many days later when it was safe to return. However, thankfully for residents of Lake Worth, there were a few reporters at the Post like Joe Capozzi and others from NBC5/WPTV (e.g., Eric the photojournalist) who hunkered in place and helped to get out the public safety news and updates from Public Information Officer Mr. Ben Kerr. Anyhow. . .

The last editorial published in The Palm Beach Post about our little City was on August 28th, 2017.

Learn more about the last editorial published about our City in the Post later on in this blog post.
It was a doozy.

But as far as doozy’s go, nothing will ever come close to that silly editorial published in April 2016 that was the subject of a lot of fun, jokes, and even a Letter to the Editor by a City resident titled,

The City that dines together. . .”

The editorial in August 2017, what was it
all about? Find out below.
Without further ado, excerpts from the editorial published in the Post from last August:

The editor wrote,

“As of Friday [August 25th], however, Espinoza [charter school Principal Renatta Espinoza] said she hadn’t been able to contact [Gregg] Roberts and there had been no dialogue.” [emphasis added] 

Well. The very next day Mr. Gregg Roberts, the chief executive officer of Modern Health Concepts, defending his marijuana dispensary across the street, located at 1125 N. Dixie Hwy. — a major bustling thoroughfare children should always be warned to avoid — wrote a “Point of View” published in the Post:

“Finally, as a matter of common courtesy, we hope there can be more truth in this discussion. I personally placed a phone call to Academy for Positive Learning’s principal, Renatta Espinoza, which I can only assume was immediately passed on to her attorney, as I received a phone call from him shortly after and we spoke for roughly 30 minutes.”