Monday, February 19, 2018

Very big news last week from the School District of Palm Beach County (and there is a short video below).

Read for yourself — word for word, in its entirety — the press release issued last Wednesday, Feb. 14th:

“School Board Opts to Promote from Within, Conduct Internal Search for New Superintendent”

The School District of Palm Beach County’s next superintendent will be selected from within the District’s current employee ranks, with the goal of naming a new leader by Spring Break, School Board members decided Wednesday [Feb. 14th].
     Board members unanimously agreed [emphasis added] that an internal candidate was best positioned to continue the progress made under the School District’s five-year Strategic Plan, now in its second year.
“I’m very, very proud of the action the Board took today,” said Board Chairman Chuck Shaw. “It’s the unity of the Board that makes us have a purpose in what we do, and that purpose was certainly reflected in what we did today.”
The job will be posted for internal candidates on Thursday, February 15. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. Friday, February 16. The Board will develop a short list of candidates on February 21, with the intention of naming a new superintendent by the end of March. The process will be handled internally by the District’s Human Resources department.
     The successful candidate will be offered a five-year contract.
     As Board members considered the parameters of the search, they heard from community leaders who urged them to look at internal candidates from the District’s executive team to replace Superintendent Robert Avossa.
“You have trained leaders in this school district today who are ready to assume the helm,” said Michael DeBock, President and CEO of the Economic Council of Palm Beach County. 

End of press release.

Did you ever see the video of School Board member Erica Whitfield about when she ran into City of Lake Worth Commissioner Scott Maxwell a few years back?

Maxwell asked if, “I [Whitfield] would like to come and talk about schools.”

And now here we are.

Two years, 2 months, 5 days later and 5,857 views ago (with 37 “Likes”!) of my YouTube video (see below) taken at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting.

This video is, far and away, the most-viewed ever on my YouTube channel. To see the most-viewed videos all-time click on this link (by the way, the very first video was only 24 seconds long and posted to YouTube on Nov. 23rd, 2007).

Briefly, a lot has changed since this video of Whitfield was taken. One of those changes was that many in the PBC School District administration two years ago — including even some at the highest levels — had little knowledge of the distinction between the actual City of Lake Worth (for example, Lake Worth High School) and the vast unincorporated areas out west served by other schools such as Park Vista High School which is not in our City.

One would think these musings are all about the City of Lake Worth and Erica Whitfield. Partly true.

It’s also a tribute to all the hard work and dedication of the School Board Superintendent, Dr. Robert Avossa. Although Avossa recently announced his resignation, it’s great to hear he will stay here in Palm Beach County for hopefully many, many years to come.

Enjoy the video!

And remember, this video is from December 2015.

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