Friday, January 12, 2018

Stay tuned. More information to come about City of Lake Worth’s “Real Estate Agent Breakfast” at the Casino.

Please note: Scroll down for more about this very important meeting yesterday in a blog post titled, “Yesterday marked an important milestone for the City of Lake Worth.”

Note that at the end of yesterday morning’s event
Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein “brought the house down”. How? Find out below.

[M]ake an audience respond with great enthusiasm, typically as shown by their laughter or applause.

In this case there was much laughter and applause aplomb. Find out more about that below.

Yes. It was indeed hilarious. There are three videos total from this event held in the Casino Ballroom. To watch all the videos at your pleasure click on this link for my YouTube channel. To become a subscriber click on the red “Subscribe” icon and you’ll get an email when new videos have been posted.

The turnout yesterday was tremendous. And the amount and quality of information provided was spectacular. The City did an excellent job putting this event together and they need to be commended for all their hard work.

For example, there was an update from PBSO. The City’s crime rate in 2017 is expected to drop 10–13% from the previous year. There were updates from the Electric Utility, Water Utility, Planning & Zoning, status of the Neighborhood Road Bond, about medical marijuana dispensaries, sober homes (they’re abandoning the City in droves), and from my table looking around. . . the audience was amazed and excited about what they were hearing.

Because most of this information won’t be found in The Palm Beach Post, which according to the most recent ‘news’ from their beat reporter, is more concerned about a short delay of road improvements and ‘dust’ from “one resident who lives on the street [North ‘M’ St.] and didn’t want his name used.”

At the end of this event at the Casino yesterday morning City Manager Michael Bornstein ‘brought the house down’ and everyone left the building laughing and having a good time. Here’s what he said:

If we had invited [Post beat reporter] Kevin Thompson the headline would have been ‘City of Lake Worth hosts overly expensive breakfast for high-paid Realtors’

Watch this for yourself at the end of the video below.

The video begins with Commissioner Andy Amoroso talking about the status of sober homes, home rule, and medical marijuana dispensaries and then Mayor Pam Triolo also has remarks on this topic. A Q&A session followed with attendees and then at the 10:00 minute mark, near the end of the video City Manager Bornstein concludes the day’s “Breakfast” with great applause and laughter from everyone in attendance.

Enjoy the video and hope you find all this information helpful and please share this news with your
neighbors and friends.

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