Sunday, January 21, 2018

Scheduling of candidate debates has begun in this little City of Lake Worth.

Below is the preliminary debate schedule, but first. . .

Whilst on the topic of politics, did you know there are four districts here in the City of Lake Worth? Do you know which district you reside in? Do you know which City of Lake Worth commissioner represents you in your particular district?

Continue reading for the answers to these
questions and much more information.

Why would this be important? Because according to an article published in The Palm Beach Post recently by beat reporter Kevin Thompson there’s at least “one resident who lives on the street [North ‘M’ St.] and didn’t want his name used” who doesn’t know who his district commissioner is and, apparently, neither does the beat reporter either. Here’s the story headline:
Lake Worth residents not happy with dusty North M Street road delay
Here’s an excerpt from that story with the anonymous source quoted as saying:

“He called the Environment Protection Agency. He called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. He called Lofaso [Felipe Lofaso, Asst. Dir. of Public Services], and City Commissioner Omari Hardy.” [emphasis added]

Well. Guess what.

The area in the City with that ‘dusty’ street is in District 3 represented by Commissioner Andy Amoroso who was unopposed this year and will be re-elected to another term. Commissioner Omari Hardy represents District 2 on the other side of Dixie. Hwy. Why didn’t the resident who “didn’t want his name used” contact Commissioner Amoroso? Why didn’t the reporter contact Commissioner Amoroso either?

Then this story ends with this silly line:

“The potholes have been an issue, but I’d rather have potholes than this,” he [anonymous resident on ‘M’ St.] said.

And there’s more. A reader of this blog found another error by the beat reporter. Another excerpt:

“Mayor Pam Triolo and District 1 City Commissioner Scott Maxwell will face challengers in the upcoming election. Triolo will face Drew Martin and Maxwell will square off against Sarah Malega. District 2 City Commissioner Andy Amoroso did not draw a challenger.”

Once again. Commissioner Amoroso represents District 3 in the City of Lake Worth, not District 2 as was published in the Christmas Day edition of the Post’s “Looking ahead to 2018”.

[By the way, it was what was missing in that Christmas Day edition is what prompted this response from a well-known and respected resident, “For months I’ve been meaning to cancel my subscription to the tedious Palm Beach Post.”]

Now it’s time for a refresher:
Who is representing you on
the City Commission?

    To see the district map and the boundaries for Districts 1–4 click on this link. The mayor represents the entire City. Click on this link to see who represents you on the Lake Worth City Commission. Voters this March 13th will vote for mayor and for commissioner in District 1. All voters from all districts vote in the elections next March.

    Best explained this way:

    • Mayor: The Honorable Pam Triolo is up for re-election on March 13th.
    • District 1: Commissioner and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell is also up for re-election on March 13th.
    • District 2: Commissioner Omari Hardy. Seat up for election in March 2019.
    • District 3: Commissioner and Vice Mayor Pro Tem Andy Amoroso. Unopposed in 2018; will serve a three-year term ending in 2021.
    • District 4: Commissioner Herman Robinson. Seat up for election in March 2019.
    Once again, this is very important: All voters in every district in the City of Lake Worth vote for mayor and District 1 commissioner on March 13th!

    Thank you for visiting today and hope you found this information helpful. And in conclusion, the preliminary debate schedule here in the City of Lake Worth:

    The Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council has scheduled a debate at the Lake Worth Playhouse for February 7th. Stay tuned for more details: the start time, rules, and debate format.

    On February 26th will be the Bryant Park Neighborhood Assoc. candidate forum at The Beach Club restaurant located at the City’s municipal golf course. The address is #1 7th Ave. North.