Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to show your support for Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo’s re-election.

But first, here’s another endorsement
for Mayor Pam Triolo:
District 3 Commissioner Andy Amoroso was up for re-election this year as well. But he had no opposition. So by default, he was re-elected, but this time to a 3-year term because of the referendum last year that passed by a wide margin.

How does one show their support for Mayor Triolo? Here’s how. Call the mayor’s campaign team at 561-585-8668, use the “Re-Elect Mayor Pam Triolo” website, or send an email to:

You can show your support for the mayor like
City Commissioner Omari Hardy did last weekend.
Walking and talking is one way to show your support. Another way is to request a yard sign:

Election Day is March 13th.
“Mayor Triolo is committed to sustainability, both financial and environmental. She has taken a city on the brink of bankruptcy and turned it around.”

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Pam Triolo for Mayor.