Thursday, January 18, 2018

There’s a little neighborhood in the City of Lake Worth called College Park and volunteers are needed this weekend.

Please Note. The inimitable and iconic Mary Lindsey needs volunteers to help distribute flyers starting tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 19th to Sunday, Jan. 21st in the College Park neighborhood.

Can you help out? Send an email to:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.
There’s a College Park meeting
on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Find out more about this meeting below.

Mind you, the ‘wheels’ do not “need to be re-invented” for this once-outstanding organization. The ‘wheels’ of the College Park Neighborhood Assoc. (CPNA) in the City of Lake Worth, according to the iconic and inimitable Mary Lindsey just,

“[N]eed grease, the tires rotated and
lots of fresh air!”

But you may be wondering, “Where is College Park in the City of Lake Worth?”

Good question: The College Park neighborhood extends from Dixie Hwy. east to the Lake Worth Lagoon and north from Wellesley Drive (north side of street) to the C-51 Canal which includes the City’s Spillway Park.

The C-51 Canal, by the way, is the historical border between the City of Lake Worth and our neighbor to the north, West Palm Beach.

Click on image to enlarge:
Now that you know where College Park is,
what is the CPNA? Another very good
question. Here’s the answer:

“The College Park Neighborhood Association is proud to have served the residents of College Park since 1996. Our mission has always been to provide a forum for residents to share information, concerns and ideas relevant to maintaining the unique and historic character of the neighborhood we all share.
     Our goal is to protect and improve the neighborhood by building strong relationships among neighbors, our neighborhood merchants, our City government, local law enforcement [PBSO] and other neighborhood associations throughout the City of Lake Worth.”

So. Now you know WHERE College Park is. You know WHAT the CPNA is? But WHY is it called College Park?

Another very good question. Here is that answer:

“Unique to College Park is the naming of each street after prominent American colleges and universities. From Wellesley to Maryland; from Holy Cross to Vanderbilt, and from Carolina to Notre Dame . . . in this wonderful neighborhood we can always be proud to call our home.”

Now. Without further ado.

The message from Mary to everyone in the CPNA:

“Dear College Park Neighbors,

It’s been far too long since weve come together as a Neighborhood Association and the beginning of this bright New Year seems like a most excellent time to change that.
     I have reserved the Parlor Room at the First Congregational Church, 1415 North K Street on Monday, January 22nd at 6:00 p.m. What I hope to see accomplished at this meeting is the election of new officers and board members and a renewed sense of purpose for the Association.
     Our website needs an overhaul and our Facebook page has been largely unattended for a long time. Ours is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in Lake Worth and over the years has been the catalyst for lots of exciting improvements and community building.
     In recent years we’ve been caught in a bit of a downward spiral with dwindling attendance at meetings leading to fewer and fewer meetings being scheduled and we’ve pretty much reached the point of complete inertia.
     The Association has maintained its status an an active non profit corporation in the State of Florida, so thankfully, that wheel does not need to be re-invented but all the wheels need grease, the tires rotated and lots of fresh air!
     So, with nothing but gratitude to the outgoing officers and board members who have held on far longer than than they ever thought they’d have to and with nothing but welcome to all our new neighbors let’s give it a go and bring the College Park Neighborhood Association back to life!
     On Monday, January 22nd at 6:00 come to the First Congregational Church at 1415 North K Street and look for the signs in the parking lot directing everyone to the Parlor Room.

Hope to see you there!

Mary Lindsey, past President of the CPNA, 2011–2014. 

Questions? Send an email to:

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Mary Lindsey said...

Thanks Wes! We have so many new neighbors in College Park who are not on the email distribution list and this notice really helps get the word out about the upcoming meeting!