Wednesday, December 20, 2017

On December 11th Drew Martin, yes, that Drew Martin, qualified to run for mayor of Lake Worth.

Now here it is 9 days later and the beat reporter from The Palm Beach Post has yet to report this election news.

“Real News Starts Here”?

Remember. Martin ran against County Commissioner Dave Kerner last year in the primary. And lost. By a huge margin. Now Martin has his eye on a smaller prize, mayor of Lake Worth.

Political mailers, by the way, are FREE SPEECH. Other than a disclaimer (in 6′ type grayscale) a candidate can pretty much claim anything. And did you know reporters and editors just hate pull quotes!

But, once again, pull quotes are FREE SPEECH as well. “Pull Quotes are Fair Use”. 
Click on this link to learn more: “Explained: What happened on Tuesday, December 12th, the final day of qualifying to be on the ballot?”

But will Martin remain on the City of Lake Worth ballot? Stay tuned as they say.