Friday, January 26, 2018

Don’t think Drew Martin has any chance to beat Mayor Pam Triolo? You could be in for a very big surprise on March 13th, Election Day in this little City.

Just because Martin got clobbered in the 2016 primary by now-County Commissioner Dave Kerner doesn’t mean anything at all now.
Now Martin has his eyes on a smaller prize. Becoming mayor of Lake Worth. If you’re still laughing, you better stop.

If by now you haven’t contacted Mayor Pam Triolo’s campaign to ask “How can I help?” you’ll find that information at the end of this blog post. And if you happen to believe Drew Martin can’t possibly beat the mayor please continue reading, because if you do think that, you are delusional.

Why? Because if Drew Martin is actually “in it to win it”, and not just another shill* in another City of Lake Worth election, than he is most definitely a threat to beat Mayor Pam Triolo on March 13th in the General Election.

How? With just a few phone calls Martin’s campaign team could have a small army of door knockers in this City from all over South Florida, all of them dressed up like well-behaved preppies with new haircuts, big smiles, and a memorized script. We’ve seen this all before. For example, remember “Mr. Snarky” and all his friends from the west coast supporting candidate Ryan Hartman in the District 1 race against the Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell in 2015?

Or? Maybe Martin’s team will decide to resurrect another ‘newspaper’, send out the “Dear Neighbor” letters once again, and so many more tactics from the grab bag of election tricks like stealing or vandalizing as many “Re-Elect Mayor Triolo” campaign signs they can possibly find in the dark of night.

For Drew Martin to win he would only need “50% + 1” of the vote. To avoid an automatic recount he would need a margin of ½ of 1% more of the votes cast to beat the mayor. The key is voter turnout. Who turns out and who doesn’t turn out will decide this election. And don’t forget the absentee and early voters. They could end up deciding this race.

Another way Drew Martin’s team could
beat the mayor:

Do you know what the “slow play” campaign is? It’s a risky campaign tactic but it has worked in the past. It’s designed to surprise your opponent by throwing them off balance and it’s very exciting for ‘slow play’ campaign supporters. You see, a political campaign seems to be going nowhere and then all of a sudden, a few weeks or a month prior to election day, the ‘play’ stops and the campaign takes off. All of a sudden money is flowing in from everywhere and there’s people knocking on doors and waving signs in the streets. It’s quite the show.

Drew Martin officially began his run for mayor on November 20th, 2016. On his M11 (November) campaign treasurer report he reported loaning himself $500. On the December M12 report he reported spending $320 for filing fees to the City of Lake Worth’s Clerk and Florida Elections Commission. So. How much money has Martin reported raising thus far from supporters and donations? Zero. No reported donations whatsoever.

Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

And another way Martin can win the election is by campaigning on various issues and a platform that excludes one topic in particular: the actual City of Lake Worth. On the issues here in this City Martin’s team can’t win. But by employing a series of distractions he very well could win by taking the focus off the issues here in this City.

If Martin is forced to talk about the condition of our roads, the cost of electricity, and how best to use assets like the Park of Commerce he’ll lose badly.

You see, LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL is not Martin’s strength. Expect him to be absent, ‘unable to attend’ most of the debates and public forums one-on-one with Mayor Triolo.

But if Martin’s campaign organizers can succeed in distracting as many voters as possible, which has succeeded in the past, then he certainly could get the votes to win. What kind of distraction? Do you remember the now-infamous “baked ziti” incident at City Hall? And if Mayor Triolo and her campaign team decides to follow Martin down that rabbit hole, taking time to address issues that are not LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL, she could end up helping Martin win the election.

Remember what happened in August 2014.

Due to stoking fear in the public about sea level rise, water percolation and seepage ‘concerns’, and somehow convincing the public potholes served a public purpose by slowing down the speed of cars, a former commissioner and his supporters defeated a referendum in 2014 to begin fixing all our roads and potholes by just 25 votes.

That’s right. By just twenty-five votes a former commissioner, Chris McVoy, PhD, defeated that
bond referendum.

Now imagine for a moment how far ahead we would be right now if that referendum had passed?

If you don’t think Drew Martin and his supporters, some of whom are still here in this City (albeit very quiet of late) can’t rally a small army of volunteers from all over South Florida to knock on doors, wave signs, hold rallies, collect hundreds of $20 contributions and beat Mayor Triolo next March you are delusional.

So. Are you a little worried right now? Good.

If the thought of the City of Lake Worth being referred to as “dysfunction junction” once again is a concern of yours, like it was just 5+ years ago, then you need to get involved. Now. Don’t wait until February or March. Contact Mayor Triolo today or call 561-585-8668 and find out how you can help.

This is no time to be going backwards, erasing years of progress. We’ve come too far for that.

*A ‘shill’ candidate is someone who qualifies to get on the ballot but has no intention of winning but moreso to gain a platform for some other agenda or issue.