Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Explained: What happened last Tues-
day, December 12th, the final day of qualifying to be on the ballot?

Apparently, the beat reporter from The Palm Beach Post is still trying to figure it out too. A week later and there’s still no news about what happened at Lake Worth City Hall at the meeting of the City Commission vis-à-vis the ballot for March 13th, 2018.

But that’s not unusual for election
reporting in this City.

Earlier this year it took the Post thirty-five (35) days to report that former Commissioner Ryan Maier had decided not to run for re-election after the ballot was certified and sent to the Supervisor of Elections. Maier dropped out of the race on Dec. 26th last year and the Post got about to reporting this election news on Jan. 30th. That’s right. Thirty-five days. To read more about that click on this link.

Anyhow. . .

Drew Martin filed to run for mayor of Lake Worth and about now he’s probably thinking he made a big mistake.

Martin originally filed to run against District 3 Commissioner Andy Amoroso, thought twice about it, and then ran back to City Hall to file a run against Mayor Pam Triolo instead. There’s still time for Martin to get off the ballot since it hasn’t been certified yet due to a minor procedural matter.

So yes. There may not be an election for mayor next year in the City of Lake Worth.

It ended up no one filed to run against Commissioner Amoroso. So he’ll begin serving another term on the Lake Worth City Commission but this time for 3 years following the referendum that passed last March.

Clearly, the public is content with the direction the City is moving in and this is certainly a nod to City Manager Michael Bornstein hired back in April 2012 to turn things around. One could say the ‘last hurrah’ in opposition began in 2015 and ended convincingly one year later.

Do you remember March 2016? Mayor Pam Triolo,
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and Commissioner Andy Amoroso all won in landslide elections.
Then in March 2017 the “gadfly” in District 2 was ushered off the City Commission and in came Commissioner Omari Hardy. Commissioner Herman C. Robinson won the open-seat election in District 4.

So. As it is right now, Drew Martin, yes, that Drew Martin, is running against Mayor Pam Triolo. One could say with some degree of certainty the oft-expected opposition here in the City of Lake Worth has drained the pool completely dry of talent and enthusiasm. But do expect some ecotheatrical reruns or maybe even a musical or two. Entertaining distractions.

The ballot was not certified at the City Commission meeting last week. At the end of the meeting learned why. Very deftly from City Manager Michael Bornstein. It had to do with the order on the ballot in the District 1 race, specifically the letters ‘M’ and ‘P’. Stay tuned as they say. Maybe a special meeting will be scheduled to address this matter and send the March 2018 ballot to the Supervisor of Elections.

And there’s more! Another election record was set here in the City of Lake Worth.

In the category of “Shortest Political Campaign Ever”: Richard Stowe, Chair of the City’s Tree Board filed his papers to run against Commissioner Amoroso on Dec. 11th and then filed his campaign “Termination Report” the next day before noon. The good news is Mr. Stowe got his $25 back.

To see all the candidates for the “2018 General Election” click on this link.
Before long the Playhouse and some neighborhood debates will be scheduled. Drew Martin needs to prepare his “Opening Statement” and maybe he will explain to the public why we need an
election for mayor in 2018.

Because, apparently, he is one of few that does.