Thursday, November 23, 2017

When pressed by a beat reporter on Nov. 10th, Lake Worth’s PBSO District 14 Cpt. Baer “declined to elaborate”.

Cpt. Todd Baer “declined to elaborate” with a beat reporter, Kevin Thompson, on November 10th. Why? Because exactly one week later, on Nov. 17th, we learned why from the Post’s Olivia Hitchcock, “PBSO says gang members arrested in killings linked to MS-13”.

To learn more about the huge breaking news last week and why “Cpt. Baer declined to comment for a very good reason” on Nov. 10th click on this link.


Read the latest news from Olivia Hitchcock that’s also in the print edition on the front page of the ‘B’ Local section today (Nov. 23rd).

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