Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stay tuned for some good news about the City’s historic preservation program.

Check back later on today or tomorrow morning for an update about what happened at Lake Worth’s Parrot Cove neighborhood meeting last night (11/20). I showed up at 8:00 and the meeting was already over and people were heading home, which was a big surprise at the time, was expecting the meeting to go on much later. It began at 7:00.

You’ll be glad to hear that Mr. Mark Stivers, the Asst. Dir. for Planning, Zoning, and Historic Preservation was well-received. There was some “airing of grievances” from the public but not much. The public mood seems to be — from reports I’ve received — optimistic about the future of the Historic Preservation program in our City of Lake Worth.

If you’re interested in reading the notice sent out about this meeting last night at Parrot Cove click on this link.

And find out later on why Dec. 5th at the Lake Worth City Commission will be a very big deal as well.
And of course, a big “Thank You” to The Beach Club restaurant and all the folks in Parrot Cove for kindly hosting this important and timely public meeting.