Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tonight: City of Lake Worth CRA meeting and the legacy of a former commissioner.

Excerpts from the agenda are below. To look over each item for yourself go to the City’s website and scroll down for “Community Redevelopment Agency” and then click on the items of interest under “Agenda Package”.

One item in particular, 7D, is the latest about a program that the CRA, the City of Lake Worth’s Electric Utility, Adopt-A-Family et al. tried to implement but before it even had a chance, on the pretense of “gentrification”, former Commissioner Ryan Maier suggested the program was a nefarious conspiracy to steal homes from City residents. But more about that later. From the agenda later today:

Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency.

Regular Meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 14th at 6:00, 1121 Lucerne Ave. (HATCH 1121).

  • Roll Call.
  • Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Agenda: Additions/deletions/reordering.
  • Public participation of non-agendaed items (3 minute limit).
  • Approval of minutes: August 8.
  • Discussion agenda: CRA Legislative Update, David Tolces.
  • Action agenda: A) 1013 Lucerne Avenue – Approve Purchase and Sale and Development Agreement. B) 211 North Federal Highway - Approve Grant Funding. C) Disposition Process - 1000 Lake Avenue. D) Approve Residential Rehab Grant for 930 South F Street. E) Lake Worth Advocacy Group, CRA Liaison. F) 610 South “H” – Approve Purchase and Sale and Development Agreement.
  • Executive director report.
  • Board member comments.
  • Adjournment.
Note: One of more members of the City Commission or member of any other City board may attend and speak.

Now to the “Conservation and Rehabilitation Program” for City homeowners.

Below are excerpts from a blog post
dated June 23rd, 2016.

The video (see below) will either have you scratching your head in disbelief or angry a City commissioner would act this way on the dais. For an entire 10 minutes at the City Commission meeting on June 10th [2016], Commissioner Ryan Maier tries to grasp how this new program works to no avail.

The CRA’s Director Joan Oliva does her best to explain and so does the Electric Utility Dir. Jack Borsch and others to no avail. Maier’s convinced there is a massive conspiracy involving multiple private and public entities and he won’t let it go.

Eventually the vote was 4-1 with Maier voting “No”. Even [former] Commissioner McVoy voted “Yes”. Here is what to focus on in the video below:
  • At the 9:10 mark Maier begins his comments.
  • Pay particular attention to 13:30–19:30.
Eventually Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell calls for the vote and shortly after that the public in attendance roundly applauds the end of this nonsense.

The specter of black helicopters comes to mind: