Friday, February 23, 2018

City of Greenacres merged with PBSO over two years ago. Why no updates for the public from Palm Beach Post?

But first, on the issue of crime the editor at The Palm Beach Post recently praised PBSO Sheriff Ric Bradshaw who “smartly requested $1.8 million to hire 15 entry-level deputies” applying for a highly coveted federal grant for COPS: Community Oriented Policing Services.

To learn more about this topic and also about ways to volunteer for PBSO click on this link. For example, volunteers are needed for the media unit, Citizen Observer Patrol (COP), Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT), honor guard, mounted unit, and bike patrol.

Back to the fine
city of Greenacres.

A beat reporter from The Palm Beach Post was there to cover this public policy and law enforcement news back in November 2015.

But it’s now been over two years since the merge and little if any news in the Post about this very important issue here in Central Palm Beach County. Isn’t it about time for a feature story in the local ‘B’ section? Maybe even the Sunday paper with a leader over the banner on the front page?

Wouldn’t you like to learn more about
what is happening?

And early in 2016 the Post even had a reporter covering the topic of code enforcement in Greenacres too:

     “District I Councilwoman Lisa Rivera [now former Councilwoman Rivera] led the wide-ranging meeting, which covered everything from trash inside newspaper vending machines to unsightly medians along Lake Worth Road to pitch black streets on Haverhill Road. [emphasis added]
     Several city department heads and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies were on hand to answer questions from Rivera on why her district looks the way it looks.”

and. . .

     “Rivera is also concerned that many of the businesses in her district, which runs from the L-10 Canal south to the L-15 Canal, and from Military Trail west to South 57th Avenue, look like they should be in a flea market, with their garish colors and tacky banner signs.
     ‘It looks horrid,’ Rivera said.”

Stay tuned. When the Post finally gets around to providing updates about PBSO and code enforcement in the City of Greenacres will let everyone know.
Wouldn’t you like to learn more about how the merge with PBSO is working out? Maybe you think your city should be having that debate too? Merge the police department with PBSO if it makes
sense for your municipality.

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