Tuesday, November 14, 2017

It’s now eighty (80) days and counting. . .

Did you know the last editorial published in The Palm Beach Post about our little City of Lake Worth was 2½ months ago? After all the good news of late one of the editors will be ‘chomping at the bit’ to put a negative and pessimistic spin on what’s been going on.

However, going negative will be a difficult task. Because in the Post’s very own category of “Hometown Destinations” — cities in Palm Beach County with a population of 10–100,000 — the City of Lake Worth is #1 beating out West Palm Beach, Westlake, and Delray Beach too.

Confirming what everyone knew already, the
city of Delray (“Dull-ray”) Beach is in a
serious state of decline:
Hard to believe, it was all the way back on Aug. 23rd since the last editorial in the Post about our City. What was it about? Find out below.

And a question: When was the last time the editor(s) focused all their attention and energy on the City of Greenacres and wrote an editorial about that city? Or Lake Clarke Shores here in Central Palm Beach County? Lantana? Palm Springs? The Great Walled City of Atlantis?

There is no answer to that question.
It’s a mystery.

The last time the Post published an editorial about our City was way back on August 28th. That’s possibly because of this one single unfortunate sentence:

The editor wrote, “As of Friday [August 25th], however, Espinoza [charter school Principal Renatta Espinoza] said she hadn’t been able to contact [Gregg] Roberts and there had been no dialogue.” [emphasis added]

Well. The very next day Mr. Gregg Roberts, the chief executive officer of Modern Health Concepts, defending his marijuana dispensary across the street, located at 1125 N. Dixie Hwy. — a major bustling thoroughfare children should always be warned to avoid — wrote a “Point of View” published in the Post:

“’Finally, as a matter of common courtesy, we hope there can be more truth in this discussion. I personally placed a phone call to Academy for Positive Learning’s principal, Renatta Espinoza, which I can only assume was immediately passed on to her attorney, as I received a phone call from him shortly after and we spoke for roughly 30 minutes.”


Anyhow, what would be really nice to see is an editorial about how well prepared the City was, our neighborhoods, the Lake Worth Electric Utility and of course, how well the out-of-town lineman performed during Hurricane Irma. City Manager Michael Bornstein said:

“I just want to address a couple of more things if I can. We had the incredible, gracious offer from several neighborhoods, they wanted to reach out and say, ‘Thank You’ linemen. ‘Thank You’ for such a great job.” 

and. . .

     They have these long-sleeved shirts. They trade them like trading cards. Linemen are crazy about that. So we’re coming up with a way to send them [long-sleeved shirts] from Lake Worth with [Hurricane] Irma and we’d like to put all the neighborhood associations on the back.
     If we send that to them they’ll love that.”

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