Sunday, January 21, 2018

Awaiting the return of ‘Mr. Snarky’ to our City of Lake Worth bringing his one and only issue that matters.

What happened to Mr. Snarky? October 2016 passed, then November, December, the New Year 2017 arrived. . . and no Mr. Snarky. Then in 2017 October, November, December and then New Year 2018 passed and still no Mr. Snarky. You can draw your own conclusions why Mr. Snarky bailed on Lake Worth. Or did he? Hope you enjoy this blog post that asks the question, “What happened to Mr. Snarky”?

It shouldn’t be too long now before ‘Mr. Snarky’ (learn about Mr. Snarky below) returns to the City of Lake Worth. He’ll remind us again why letting the homeless populate our downtown Cultural Plaza and parks for the Winter is a good idea and why we’re all such terrible people for not caring enough. And peeing in public is OK too. We should all learn to be more tolerant of people urinating and defecating in front of your children, Mr. Snarky will tell us.

Mr. Snarky will already have his friends here to help him: former commissioners (see video below), ‘concerned’ citizens, ‘advocates’, reporters, editors, and even satirists too. From newsrooms and offices filled with plush, comfortable armchairs we’ll be told we’re not doing enough and we need to do more for the homeless. Sure, streets and potholes are important. Sidewalks too for the children to walk to school. And public safety, of course, is a priority. But all these issues don’t rise to the level of importance of homelessness the ‘advocates’ will tell us again.

“You have to do more”, Mr. Snarky
and his friends will say:

Mr. Snarky, et al., will say our City administration and elected leaders hate homeless people. We’ll be told, “They say they care”, and then we’ll be reminded, “It's not enough”. This drama all played out in the City of Lake Worth elections two years ago much like it did in Ft. Lauderdale a year earlier, in 2015.

Their mayor, Jack Seiler (D), also came under withering assault from the homeless ‘advocates’ and he was interviewed by WIOD’s Rick Sanchez about this. Use this link to hear that radio interview. The public was forced to watch all these theatrics, to the detriment of all their other issues that were also important, and then on February 10th, 2015, the voters got their chance to speak:

In the end, after all the drama and theatrics,
the curtain drops and the voters have
their one day to speak.

But why all the effort and focus on the just the homeless? There are government resources and so many volunteer/non-profit groups out there to help, right? Part of the reason for this is politics: to depress voter turnout. They want you to get disgusted and sick of the whole political process. Then what to do?

Do the opposite!

Get excited about the political process to help fix ALL our problems and get friends and neighbors to get involved too. Don’t get distracted by the press and news media that always seems to gravitate to those with loud voices and protest signs — just laugh at them. They’re just a joke anyhow.

Now to Mr. Snarky (the next video below): He thought elected leaders from our little City of Lake Worth going to Tallahassee to get our slice of the pie from the legislature was a really bad idea. But he also told us our City should build our own homeless center to the tune of millions of dollars because:
“The last time I checked that [the Senator Philip D. Lewis Center] is in West Palm Beach.
Every other problem and issue in Lake Worth takes a back seat to the one issue that Mr. Snarky thinks is the most important. The City has and continues to do everything it can, with the limited resources available, to help the homeless. The private sector in contributing and so are groups like the Lord’s Place, Adopt-A-Family and many, many others. 

But that’s not enough for Mr. Snarky and his friends. The video below is Mr. Snarky at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting in January 2016, two years ago now. The video is from the City’s website taken off a TV screen so the quality of the video is poor but you can close your eyes and clearly hear what he says. He wants more.

But your family and neighborhood also needs more too: Adequate street lighting, that missing fire hydrant and that pothole fixed, and a decent sidewalk for your child to get to school. Mr. Snarky doesn’t talk about that stuff. He doesn’t care.