Saturday, August 12, 2017

Murders of Woodley Erilas, Tyler Etue, Thomas Altman, and Jose Aguilar Juarez. Reporters don’t do stories about these men any more.

See below for more information about one homicide in particular, the murder of Woodley Erilas in the City of Lake Worth.

Question: Why do some murders get the overwhelming attention of the press and news media — selling newspapers and blaring headlines for a week or even longer — but other families suffering news of a loved one being murdered can’t get the press and news media to tell their story for more than a day or two, if their story is told at all?

Does it really all come down to what sells newspapers and what doesn’t?

Do you have information on any homicide? The murder of Tyler Etue? Etue was young man, a recovering drug addict, dumped into a trash can and left to die. Just two months ago Jose Aguilar Juarez was murdered. When was the last time you read any news or updates about that?

Do you fear neighborhood retribution? There is a way to help solve these terrible crimes, remain anonymous, and claim a reward.

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Call 800-458-8477. To learn more about CrimeStoppers use this link.

Remember the murder of Thomas Altman last year? That case, still unsolved, received multiple articles in The Palm Beach Post and from several TV news stations for well over a week. News about that murder was well-publicized by social media as well.

The murder of Woodley Erilas, however, received scant attention from the news media. He was murdered on January 9th, 2015, in the early morning here in Lake Worth. The case remains unsolved and the family continues looking for leads. This crime occurred on the 900 block of North ‘H’ Street.

Woodley Erilas was only 27 years old when he was murdered in 2015.

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