Sunday, August 13, 2017

Big picture. West Palm’s “South End” neighborhood and the “North End” neighborhoods in City of Lake Worth.

For those of you paying close attention to press and media reports and following local and government meetings, you see the big picture.

However, for many in the public the recent news from Post reporters Sarah Peters and Tony Doris (news about the Coastal Link and West Palm Beach golf course, respectively) are stand-alone news items. But they’re not. Both of these news stories, in their own way, have a profound effect on everyone living in the cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth.

The news articles cited above and many others are linked (pardon the pun) to the new Brightline train station in West Palm Beach, Blueway Trail project, the recent Palm Beach MPO charrette and new housing projects in the City of Lake Worth, hotel construction, road repair, and many other items that are coming together:

There is a vision for coastal Central Palm Beach County (CPBC) and that future is inexplicably linked to ingenious and creative answers to transportation.

When this vision comes together in the mind of the public all those people who bought houses and condos out in western Palm Beach County will come to regret that decision. But by then it will be too late. Their ‘investment’ will be worth pennies on the dollar and the reasons they moved out west, one being the “fear of crime”, will arrive on their doorstep as socioeconomic problems increase exponentially.

Residents who chose to stay in coastal CPBC — and those who opted to relocate here from other places in Florida, escaping the northern climate, or from other countries — will reap the benefits. The “cookie-cutter” communities out west will have no appeal any longer. The Millennials will be long gone and so will everyone else who came to Florida to be closer to the beaches.

Hope you enjoy this blog post from two weeks ago, titled “Putting the pieces together, in no particular order”:

  • Brightline Station in West Palm Beach.
  • Moving excess truck traffic (I-95) and freight train traffic (FEC/CSX) to U.S. 27 multi-modal corridor.
  • Tap your phone for an electric taxi.
  • C-51 Canal and the Blueway Trail.
  • Palm Beach MPO charrettes on future of Dixie Hwy.
  • Been following what’s going on at the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council?
  • What’s that about a new trolley or bus service in Lake Worth?

Before long the Millennials will have no
use for a car. And. . .

Oh. And did you see that recent article in the Post about the Coastal Link?

Note “Spillway Park” in image below.
Click on image to enlarge:
A future trip: Uber to Downtown Lake Worth, take in all the excitement for a bit. Stroll to Bryant Park for a scenic water taxi ride to the Coastal Link, then Brightline to Miami, Orlando . . . and all the while wonder why you bought a house or condo in a cookie-cutter community out west somewhere.

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