Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A blog post from yesterday.

Last year The Palm Beach Post editorial board wrote community WiFi for at-risk children, public school students, and struggling neighborhoods was:

“. . . a matter of social justice”.

If that’s the case, and the editorial board felt so strongly about this, then why the silence now? The editors at the Post heard what School Board member Erica Whitfield said last week, didn’t they? Or maybe they think a new pool at the Beach is more important now?

Use this link to read the editorial, “Lake Worth
sees ‘social justice’ in setting up free WiFi”,
from December 2nd, 2016.
“Modern society is so deeply networked that to live outside it is a very steep obstacle to ever getting ahead. It is, as Oliva* told the Post Editorial Board,
a question of social

Here is a comment that was posted just recently on this blog:

The CRA has budgeted this year for the WIFI program and has partnerships already in place with the School Board, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach County and our Electric Utility just to name a few of the major players.
     A few missing pieces remain such as fiber optic cable run to public facilities (schools) in order to triangulate signals for full coverage. Real possibilities for this program to take off this budget year.
     Providing internet access for our young students, many of whom don’t have computers at home (and with this program will) will go a long way to helping raise our struggling schools’ grade rankings. This, in turn helps to attract more families to buy into our neighborhoods and invest in Lake Worth.
     Please encourage your elected officials to support this effort.

Chip Guthrie
Member, Lake Worth CRA

Now it’s up to you.

Start by contacting your local elected leaders, the mayor and commissioners here in the City of Lake Worth. Tell them you support community WIFI for children, students, and others who live in at-risk neighborhoods. And then ask these elected’s who they think “up the chain” can help too, like County commissioners and representatives in the Florida House and Senate.

And then maybe some time soon, students and children that need help in our City of Lake Worth will be able to contact their elected leaders on their own, all by themselves, using the Internet.

With training, instruction, and the teachers in our public schools, the Internet and community WIFI won’t be a dark, dangerous place after all.

*Joan Oliva is the Executive Director of the Lake Worth CRA.

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