Sunday, November 12, 2017

Scared of the water in the Indian River Lagoon? Visit us and play, fish, canoe, and kayak in Lake Worth Lagoon!

Two informative videos about the Lake Worth Lagoon are below.

To learn more about our treasured lagoon in Palm Beach County, here’s an excerpt from this blog by reporter Willie Howard, “Paddling the habitats of Lake Worth Lagoon”:

Anglers fishing around the islands of the central lagoon can catch snook, mangrove snapper, barracuda, sheepshead and small bait fish along with the occasional redfish and spotted sea trout.
     Restoration islands near the Lake Avenue Bridge include the Snook Islands project, completed in 2005 (and later expanded); the two Grassy Flats islands on the east side of the lagoon near the Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course; Bryant Park Wetlands islands south of the bridge near Lake Worth’s Bryant Park; and the Jewel Cove project southeast of the bridge across from Lake Worth Beach.
     To date, the county has overseen 49 environmental restoration projects in the Lake Worth Lagoon, the 20-mile-long estuary that stretches from Ocean Ridge to North Palm Beach.

Enjoy the videos!

This first video is a small part of the 2017 July 4th Great American Raft Race and the views of the water are amazing. At the end of the video Lake Worth Commissioner Herman C. Robinson is honored for his many years of hard work and contributions to our City of Lake Worth:

The video below is the Parrot Cove Neighborhood Assoc. receiving their trophy for winning this year’s Raft Race! NAPC President Jon Faust and Mango Groves’ Mr. Greg Rice do the honors.

So. When was the last time you saw anyone splashing around and playing in the Indian River Lagoon? Plan your Winter vacation in Palm Beach County! The little City of Lake Worth would be thrilled to be your host:

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