Monday, July 17, 2017

Not fair at all. Post reporter Lulu Ramadan is stuck covering Delray Beach, the “hinterland” for news reporters.*

There are only six Special Cities in Palm Beach County.

Delray Beach IS NOT one of them.

The City of Lake Worth is a Special City. Every Monday!

Every Monday is the Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE). Remember, “Real News Starts Here”!

“IN YOUR COMMUNITY”. To contact the reporter use this link.
Post reporter Lulu Ramadan covers the stodgy Delray Beach beat. That city has been eclipsed by Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, the Town of Jupiter and Village of Wellington as well.

Why is the City of Lake Worth in ascendance?

One reason is everyone is still talking about the 12-page “SPECIAL KEEPSAKE” published in the Sunday paper last March.
Do you know why that “KEEPSAKE” was published? Because our residents and businesses have been studying and learning the “5 Tips” .

For example, one business here in the City has employed these tips with great success. The world-famous and spectacularly popular World Thrift (located at 2425 N. Dixie Hwy; call 561-588-4050 for daily hours and more information). Read the reviews on Facebook. Awesome.

“Lake Worth is truly the place ‘where the tropics begin’ and the fun never ends.”
“Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with a strong social and environmental consciousness. People are drawn to the city by its independent character, acceptance of different cultures”. . .

When was the last time YOU visited our little City of Lake Worth?

*Think it’s a good idea for the editor to change out beat reporters every few years? Always thought Lulu Ramadan was an excellent choice for the City of Lake Worth.
     The Post also has an exciting new field of candidates: e.g., Corvaya Jeffries, Alexa Silverman and Eddie Ritz. Another rising star is Michael Readling who has already established his credibility covering the City of Lake Worth and our international and business news.

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