Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It’s official: We’re now in the Election Season.

So far, who is running for a seat on the Lake Worth City Commission?

The early period of the Election Season — which starts unusually early here in the City of Lake Worth — called the “Silly Season” (explained below) officially begins today, July 5th.

“Knock Knock” on the front door. “Who’s there?”
“Let me help you. . .”

The Silly Season officially begins the day after the Great American Raft Race (today, July 5th) and ends at noon on November 28th, the first day of the Qualifying Period. There are three seats up for election in March of 2018: mayor and commissioners for District 1 and District 3. So far, here is who has declared intent to be on the ballot:
  • Mayor: Mayor Pam Triolo.
  • District 1: Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, Sarah Malega.
  • District 3: Commissioner Andy Amoroso.
Anyone can declare their intent to run. You do that by going to the City Clerk’s office at City Hall and follow the instructions given by the clerk. One of the requirements is to establish a campaign banking account. After doing that your name will appear on the City’s website with monthly campaign reports.
  • Will all the people listed above be on the ballot next March? Maybe.
  • Will there be more, possibly many more names? Likely.
  • Is there an advantage to declaring intent early on? For the incumbents there’s always a big advantage. For challengers? That’s unknown and depends on a lot of factors.
Some considering a run for elected office use the Silly Season to rally support and line up supporters without making it official, waiting for November to qualify for the ballot. To get your name officially, “for real” on the ballot you have to wait for the 2-week Qualifying Period which begins on November 28th this year and ends at noon on December 12th.

Not to confuse things, but even after getting your name on the ballot you can have it removed prior to the ballots being printed and sent out to the public. That’s what former Commissioner Ryan Maier did last year, instructing the Supervisor of Elections he did not want to run for re-election before the ballots were finalized and published.

So. Welcome to Silly Season!

Check the City’s website every now and then (see link above) to see who else has decided to maybe, possibly, might, or perchance happen to be on the ballot for Election Day on March 13th, 2018.