Friday, July 28, 2017

I know a lot of you are very angry.

How this story even made into print is unimaginable.

“It’s distasteful,” Powell told the audience of roughly 80 people. “It should be criminal that newspapers can print something like that and implicate.”

“Powell” is Democrat Senator Bobby Powell.

Last March something very special happened here in the City of Lake Worth. Mr. Omari Hardy, a Black man, was elected the commissioner in District 2. What made me so proud is Hardy’s race never became an issue. I can remember a time in this City that would be the only thing a lot of people talked about.

I would encourage the editor at The Palm Beach Post to publish a story about that, when a man’s race is a non-issue.

One thought that immediately crossed my mind when I read the article in the Post is how, on one hand, the editor will decry the low voter turnout in the Black community and then publish something that will frighten even more of our friends in the Black community from getting involved. It’s a disgrace.

If the editor is suggesting Senator Powell needs to cheat to win an election, he doesn’t know Powell very well.

From the archives: Mr. Herman Robinson (left), Mr. Bobby Powell, and Yours Truly. 

You’re angry. What do you do? Write a Letter to the Editor? Or just call the Post and cancel your subscription?

You can click on the link above, “Senator Bobby Powell” to email him and contact his staff. Tell them you support the senator and ask what you can do to help.

At the very least Senator Powell deserves an apology. Will he get one? Of course not.

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