Sunday, December 10, 2017

“He knows the law,” [nearby resident] Pat Parr said. “He’ll appeal again and again and again. He knows all the ropes.”

“The properties [429/431 North L St., City of Lake Worth] where the drug sales were consummated are in close proximity to a grade school and a day care facility.
     “They thought it was a big joke,” [LWPD] Lt. Pete Ebel, commander of special operations said. “They were openly laughing as people testified.”

Newspaper clipping below from The Lake Worth Herald by reporter Jack Owen, front page news.

Datelined March 3rd, 2005.

Are you getting tired yet? Our neighborhoods being hijacked by unscrupulous sober home operators and so-called ‘investors’ in our City?
“DiMauro’s attorney asked me if I had any objections to Latinos,” Calhoun [Mango Groves Neighborhood Association president Michael Calhoun] said. . . .

“I told him I had objections to Latinos being exploited.”

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