Saturday, July 15, 2017

Did you receive your City of Lake Worth “NewsWorthy” newsletter in the mail this month?

Just in case you may have missed this. . .

The “Captain’s Corner” by PBSO Cpt. Baer on the “first appearance” program was especially helpful information (see below). On the back page is “A Success Story from the Code Compliance Division”.

This information was provided on an 8 × 10 piece of white, thrice-folded paper in black gray-scale using 6′ type.

So very 20th Century isn’t it?

At the next City Commission meeting on July 18th a serious discussion needs to be had — or one scheduled very soon — on how the City is communicating with the public.

This IS NOT how you do it:

Click on image to enlarge.
“The Art of Florida Living”? Maybe in 1980.  

Check out these “Public Notices for upcoming meetings in various departments” from the City of Greenacres’ Facebook page yesterday. Why isn’t the City of Lake Worth using Facebook?

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