Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Which reporter from the Post do you think would be a good fit to cover our City beat?

Reporters that cover the same beat — week after week, year after year — get stale, repetitive, dull and bored. The editor(s) at The Palm Beach Post understand this as does their readership as well.

Prior to the current Post beat reporter there was Chris Persaud who won a prestigious journalism award for election reporting (he covered the 2013–2014 Lake Worth elections), Lona O’Connor known for first reporting about The Cottages of Lake Worth, and the iconic Willie Howard (now at The Coastal Star). Even Eliot Kleinberg did a brief stint. To read more about the history of beat reporters in our City use this link.

So. As we await the change in beat reporters, the question is this:

Should we get someone entirely new covering our City’s news or a beat reporter from another city? If we get new blood it could be any one of an exciting field of candidates: Corvaya Jeffries has done great work and so has Alexa Silverman and Eddie Ritz. Another rising star is Michael Readling who has already established his credibility covering the City of Lake Worth and our international and business news.

Could next Monday be the day? A new reporter and face for our Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE):
Following that “egregious” and “incompetent” incident last year, no doubt our elected leaders, city manager and staff will welcome a change as well.

However, if the editor decides to switch out beat reporters here are our choices:
  • Sarah Peters: now covering the Town of Jupiter and City of Palm Beach Gardens.
  • Lulu Ramadan: City of Delray Beach.
  • Matt Morgan: Village of Wellington and City of Greenacres.
  • Alexandra Seltzer: City of Boynton Beach.
  • Bill DiPaolo: Palm Beach Gardens.
  • Tony Doris: City of West Palm Beach.
Don’t forget: Delray Beach IS NOT a Special City! Why? Because that city is not featured in the Post every week like the City of Lake Worth in the LWVVSMCPE:
Maybe a new Monday feature soon by Alexa Silverman some day? Michael Readling? Stay tuned as they say.