Friday, August 4, 2017

City’s new favorite word: “vibrancy” (used in a press release, news article, and examples in daily usage).

Have you heard more vibrancy is coming to the area near our Lake Worth Arts Center in the Downtown?

Is there any vibrancy at the historic Gulfstream Hotel in our Downtown?

Our old favorite word, “charming”, has been mothballed after being replaced by “dynamic” and “unique”. Here’s our new favorite word:

vibrancy; the definition:

“pulsating with vigor and energy”; “vigorous; energetic; vital”; “exciting; stimulating; lively”.

The word “vibrancy” used in a press release:

“Designed to attract arts related businesses and amenities, the new commercial building [West Village Art Lofts] as well as street level artist work space will add to the vibrancy of the West Village commercial area through small business development.”
Press release dated June 12th, “Neighborhood Renaissance Receives $500,000 Project Reinvest Grant for West Village Art Lofts in Lake Worth”.

The word “vibrancy” used in a press release:

“We’re bringing back that vibrancy to the hotel, which in turn brings back vibrancy to the downtown district,” said Michael [Steven Michael, principal of developer Hudson Holdings].
—Quote from article in the Sun Sentinel datelined April 14th, almost 4 months ago.

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