Tuesday, June 13, 2017

UPDATE: The Lake Worth campaign “Termination Reports” have all rolled in (well, most of them).

“So, Wes. Why are these campaign reports important?”

One reason is some of my blog readers like to get their calculators out and find out this sum:
$ (dollars spent), cost/vote; election winner vs. loser.
Another reason is because it takes away that “Gotcha!”, like when a certain former City commissioner and his friends tried to cast suspicion on Mayor Pam Triolo for a certain unspecified but “very suspicious” campaign contribution a few years prior.

Well. That claim by a former commissioner prompted some to learn how to find campaign reports on the City’s website. Then they looked through that commissioner’s previous campaign reports (and clever tactics too). Needless to say, we never heard any more talk of Mayor Triolo’s campaign reports again.

To read the final campaign “Termination” reports from the elections last March see the highlighted link and instructions below. Here are the latest turned in this week:
  • District 2 candidate William Joseph.
  • District 4 candidate Ellie Whittey.
  • District 4 candidate Maryann Polizzi.
  • District 4 candidate and now District 4 Commissioner Herman C. Robinson.
  • Caneste L. Succe? You’ll have to contact the City Clerk about that.
Commissioner Robinson, by the way, raised the most campaign money by far (≈ $20,000). Next closest was former-Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD (≈ $13,000), with now-Commissioner Omari Hardy close on McVoy’s heels:

Then-District 2 commissioner, now citizen Mr. McVoy in happier times, back in March 2015 following his re-election for the second time. He was first elected in 2010. 
Use this link and scroll down for the candidate name on the ballot and look for the “Termination Report”.

Interestingly, McVoy did not create an “office account” which may be a clue he’s done with political office here in the City of Lake Worth. Frankly, after the editor at The Palm Beach Post called McVoy a “gadfly” that’s a hard hill to climb for anyone considering another future elected political office.

The editor endorsed a newcomer to politics, Mr. Omari Jamal-Hatchett Hardy, in the elections last March. And in what turned out to be a very good decision, Hardy hired Tricia Mischler to run his campaign. Read more about that using this link.

Just a reminder: this blog is an “election-free zone” until after the July 4th Raft Race.

So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t discussed anything about the elections in March of 2018, well, now you know why.

Are you getting your raft ready for the City of Lake Worth’s Great American July 4th Raft Race in just 3 weeks? Use this link for more details!