Saturday, June 17, 2017

The new scourge in Palm Beach County? beta-Methylamino-ʟ-alanine (BMAA) in blue-green algae?

Are you worried about participating in our July 4th Raft Race because of BMAA? Don’t be!

To learn more about our 16th Annual Great American Raft Race use this link:
Winning the race is highly coveted, after all, it gives bragging rights to the victor for a whole year.

Attention everyone here in the City of Lake Worth! 

And beware the words “plague” and “plaguing”! Do you remember last year, “Resolution No. 38-2016 - implement a solution to long standing water discharge issues plaguing the City”?

Don’t get distracted. Concentrate on making the best raft you can to win the Raft Race!

With our City of Lake Worth’s spectacular, nonsensical, and iconic Raft Race only 17 days away this is the stuff (see “15 months later below) you have to be aware of from the press and media. This item in the Post does not even rise to the standard of Chris McVoy, PhD (also a former commissioner and expert on Everglades restoration) here in the City of Lake Worth who warned of “part science and part what you can get politically.”

In fact, last year (March 2016) the “firebrand ethnobotanist Paul Alan Cox” said in The Palm Beach Post about BMAA and brain diseases:

No one is claiming BMAA is the only cause,” [emphasis added] he [Cox] said. “There has been all kinds of hypotheses in the past. Aluminum, brain trauma. There are probably lots of different things that lead to these neurological diseases.”

Now here’s the latest 15 months later in the Post!

“The algae bloom in the St. Lucie River and its estuary certainly appeared and smelled toxic. It caused an overpowering, noxious smell, burning eyes, headaches, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems, and rashes. The local hospital weathered a spike in emergency room patients. People were forced to evacuate waterside properties and escape to more distant lodgings.”

Have you decided to stop working on your raft for the July 4th Great American Raft Race because of BMAA? Are you considering an “escape to more distant lodgings.” Worried about “burning eyes, headaches, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems, and rashes” too?

Don’t do that!

Former Post reporter Willy Howard wasn’t too concerned about all that when he recently went, “Paddling the habitats of Lake Worth Lagoon”!

Concentrate on making your raft more “Worthy” in the water and faster too! Our Raft Race is only 26 days away!