Saturday, June 3, 2017

The little City of Lake Worth sees an 11.27% rise in total taxable value.

“Our improvements and choices mean more and more people are choosing Lake Worth than ever before. If you haven’t been to Lake Worth lately you dont know what you’re missing!” 
City of Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo.

“This week the City of Lake Worth received news that the estimated total taxable value of the City had risen by 11.27% to $1,635,279,360.00 ($1.6 Billion). This rise in taxable property value reflects the hard work that has been put into the city in recent years and shows that it is becoming a more desirable place for investment and development.
     This rise in value was significantly more than the County average of 7.1% and among the county’s 39 cities Lake Worth was ranked 6th. This is not the first year of double-digit increases for the City, last year was 11.7% and the year before was 10.47%.
     With a steady upward trajectory the City of Lake Worth will continue to improve and become a more desirable place to call home for all residents.”