Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Worth Another Look: “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” at the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) meeting last month.

You’re not alone Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and our city commissioners Andy Amoroso, Omari Hardy and Herman C. Robinson.
But remember what the mayor said everyone: “We’re fighters!”

First, this month’s TCRPC meeting is this coming Friday (June 16th). To go over the “Preliminary Agenda” and to read the minutes from the meeting in May use this link and scroll down. You’ll also find the address where the TCRPC meets every month.

The Good.

Drew Martin did not make public comment last month which is good and a little bad too. We were all hoping for a clarification of his comments the previous month, in April, where he said:

He [Drew Martin] said at one point the county was going to buy the former Briger Tract, which is now called Alton, as a nature area. He indicated now everything has been removed and ponds were put in, which are being treated more as toxic waste sites than actual ponds. He noted even the historical site of Walden Pond has turned into a garbage dump. He stated he hopes Council will begin to change how the site plans are done so we stop cutting down and removing all the trees. He stated people will actually pay more to live next to trees, this is an economic issue as well as a health issue. He stated that although he cannot draw a direct connection to the opioid crises, he suspects we might have less opioid addiction if we protected more trees and people had something to look at to invigorate and help them.

The Bad.

Commissioner Valeche [Palm Beach County Commissioner Hal Valache] with Palm Beach County stated he agrees with Commissioner Ryan that we need to wait for the budget to pass, and he supports the general sentiment that this was not a very good session for local governments. He noted he is happy the legislature finally created a statewide regulatory framework for transportation networking companies. With respect to having a competitive market for industry, he stated he is unhappy with the way the state has treated Enterprise Florida (EF). He noted he is a former board member of EF [not to be confused with “EF!”], so he is particularly sympathetic, and those counties that depend on tourism should be very concerned with what is going on not only with EF, but with Visit Florida as well.

The Ugly.

Mayor [Anne] Gerwig with the Village of Wellington stated the homestead exemption will mean a $900,000 reduction to the Village’s budget. She stated that the Village anticipates they may have to raise their millage rate to make up this loss to continue to provide services to its residents. She indicated the Village is currently considering a controversial development project, where there are a lot of people for and against the project, and neither side is being very truthful with their information, leaving the public in the middle. She said the reason a local government has elected officials is for them to make these decisions, which can be very complex.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo. You’re not alone. There are many others who feel your pain trying to lead a small city.

But remember what the mayor said at the City Commission meeting last Tuesday:

“We’re fighters!”