Wednesday, June 28, 2017

City of Greenacres’ Charter Review Committee: “Suggested Changes To City Council”.

News from Coastal/Greenacres Observer is below:

The Greenacres Charter Review Committee consists of twelve citizens. Former Council member Chuck Shaw was chosen as the Chairperson and Frank Simon the Vice-Chairperson.

and. . .

Shaw explained the consensus was to have six ballot questions on the referendum sent to the voters.

Here are the six ballot questions for the Greenacres City Council to study and discuss:

The first question would be a change in Article 1, changing the length of terms of the Mayor and Council members from two to four year terms. [emphasis added]

The second question would be to clean up Article 2, relating to Mayor, by eliminating the reference to a two year term for Mayor and establishing how to fill a vacant seat. The committee suggested, Council may elect one of their own to become Mayor (until the next Biennial election), providing such Council member will vacate his or her seat. If no member wishes to assume the Mayor’s office, the Deputy Mayor shall serve as Mayor pro-tem until the next biennial election. This partial term will not count against term limits.

Question three relates to Article 3, City Council. Eliminate reference to two year term and establish how to fill a vacant seat. Council shall elect a qualified individual to fill the vacant seat (until the next biennial election) and the term would not count against term limits.

Question four, relating to Article 4, Elections, would be to establish a term limit of three consecutive terms for Mayor and Council members. The term limit will not impact the Mayor from running for a Council seat, or a Council member from running for Mayor.

Question five relates to Article 8, Administrative Departments. This provision will eliminate the Civil Service Board and recommends creation of a “labor-management committee” as a replacement for the Civil Service Board.

Question six relates to Article 8. This provision defines the term “full Council” as used in Article 8 to mean the Mayor and all five members of Council. Charter change suggestions to be made by Ordinance, without a referendum Article 4, Elections, Section 3 provides for Election Day to be moved from March to November to coincide with Presidential and mid-term elections. Article 4, Section 4 will change the qualifying period.

Other changes suggested to be made without referendum pertain to how and when elected officials take office and the selection of duties.