Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hudson Holdings: “Vocal residents swarm Delray meeting on historic district redevelopment”

Use this link to read the article by reporter Lulu Ramadan in the Post from yesterday. Interestingly, Ramadan’s article doesn’t make mention Hudson Holdings’ principal Steven Michael. The meeting at the Delray Beach Historic Preservation Board continued last night from Monday night and ended around 10:00.

One quite powerful statement in particular last night summed everything up nicely; will transcribe that when the video becomes available. Did not watch the entire meeting but would catch 5–10 minutes every now and then to watch the discussion.

The final vote on the Swinton Commons site plan appeared to be a unanimous “No” from the Historic Board in Delray. However, the audio from the Live Feed was hard to hear so am not absolutely sure about that.

This project will now go to the Planning and Zoning Board and then to the Delray Beach City Commission.

It was very professional and gracious, at the very end of the meeting, to hear Dir. Tim Stillings appear at the podium and thank everyone for their service on the board and he acknowledged all their hard work. It’s a lot to ask from volunteers to work well into the night two days in a row. However, they did their work and they all deserve credit.