Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Have a business or restaurant in the “Heart of Palm Beach County”? Have a story to tell but local beat reporter(s) never call back?

“Where is the Heart of Palm Beach County?”

This is an area that includes all or part of 7 cities (Atlantis, Boynton Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, Lake Clarke Shores, Lantana, and Palm Springs) and includes the unincorporated “Lake Worth Corridor”, for example, Palm Beach County College, John Prince Park, and the nearby airport.

Do you have a business in this area? Do reporters from The Palm Beach Post return your calls?
What if I told you there’s a solution to your problem? There is! Learn the “Five Tips” below.

Have you been reading the Post and wondering how businesses in the City of Lake Worth and Boynton Beach get so much attention and your business — let’s say in or near the City of Greenacres or Palm Springs — never get a call back from a reporter?

Or do you have a business in Lake Clarke Shores or near JFK Hospital, maybe a new eatery in the Village of Palm Springs and have been trying forever to get noticed but no response after repeated calls and emails?

Then learn the “Five Tips” from the Business Editor at the Post.

Businesses in the City of Lake Worth that have learned to employ these tips, first published last August, have gone on to excel at getting noticed in the Post, especially new Hipster eateries in the Downtown:
  • Know whom you want to reach out to, the editor writes, “. . . the trick is reaching to the right journalist.” For example, sending information to a beat reporter may not be the best option. Have you considered a business reporter? An entertainment reporter?
  • Who’s your audience? “So, tell us how many followers do you have on Twitter? How many friends/fans do you have on Facebook?”
  • Local, local, local, “. . . there must be a direct and definite Palm Beach County connection.”
  • Newsmakers, “Some of the best-read content we produce isn’t on the front page.” For example, per the Business Editor, try to get your business mentioned in the “weekly Newsmakers section”.
  • Video, “So if your business has ‘good visuals,’ drop in a link to some B-roll video that we can attach to the story.”
Now for all of you that have a business or restaurant in or near the City of Greenacres and you’ve been wondering what happened to your beat reporter from the Post, Kevin Thompson:

“I hang out at RaceTrac a lot because it’s a good, clean, and inviting place to plug in my laptop when I’m working in and around Lake Worth, something I’m now doing four days a week — a new mandate from our editors to fully embed ourselves in the communities we cover.

Have a business, restaurant, or community event coming up in the City of Lake Worth and considering using the Post to try and get noticed “In Your Community”?

Before using the “Five Tips” try contacting the Post beat reporter and see what happens:

Call 561-820-4573; email: kthompson@pbpost.com 
Remember that “IN FOCUS: LAKE WORTH” about the new RaceTrac? It’s not located in the City of Lake Worth. It’s in the Village of Palm Springs.

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