Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mr. Hardy’s campaign manager, Tricia Mischler, was worth every dime.

Meet Mr. Omari Jamal Hatchet Hardy:
Now District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy.

Commissioner Hardy is the first one to turn in his campaign’s “Termination Report”. Then-citizen Mr. Hardy raised a total of $12,465. Tricia Mischler received $6,000 for “Campaign Management”. Hardy and his campaign team worked a very good ground game. And they made an lot of very good decisions. And because of that he won. Everyone who worked in every capacity, most importantly the volunteers, deserve a lot of credit.

To go over all the campaign reports use this link and scroll down.

Anyhow, congratulations Tricia Mischler! And it doesn’t hurt having an excellent candidate who stays on message as well.

The former commissioner in District 2, Mr. Chris McVoy, PhD, has yet to file his termination report; however his last report turned in, the “G3”, shows a total of $13,091 in monetary contributions.

Meet the former commissioner in District 2:
It probably didn’t help very much that the editor at the Post wrote Chris McVoy, PhD, was a “gadfly”.


Anonymous said...

True the editor endorsed Hardy & called McVoy a gadfly. That was a political tactic to get McVoy re-elected. If you think the editor wanted Hardy elected you are delusional. What the editor was trying to do was piss off all of McVoy's supporters all over PBC. Only about 2% of LW voters read the paper. They were hoping money & support would pour in for McVoy. The editor did not understand most of McVoy's support was already dried up. People were just sick of him making science and smart people look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Can't stop celebrating McVoy and Meier are gone. Couldn't be better for the city.