Thursday, May 25, 2017

Have you tried swimming or water exercise at two nearby pools yet?

Parking is FREE at both pools: Lake Lytal and at “T-Rec” as well. Learn more about these two County facilities below.

The Lake Worth municipal pool at the Beach is closed and will not re-open for several years. If ever again. However, it’s very possible a new pool and aquatic facility will be constructed at another location in the City. Stay tuned.

Have you been to the pool at Lake Lytal yet?
Click this link for hours of operation at Lake Lytal or call 561-233-1426 (561-233-1427). The pool is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Admission for adults is the odd amount of $4.02. Bring two pennies so you don’t get a handful of change in return. If you wish, get a 20-visit pass for only $48.75. That brings the cost/visit to $2.44. The Lake Lytal pool is very similar to the now-closed Lake Worth pool: 50 meter Olympic-sized with 25 meter swimming lanes side to side. The pool is well-staffed and kept in very good order.

The County’s Therapeutic Recreation Complex (“T-Rec”) is just outside the City of Lake Worth, east of Congress Ave. (on the same side as Lake Osborne at 2728 Lake Worth Rd.).

For more information about T-Rec call 561-966-7015.
Entry is $6 and must sign a waiver. Passes are also available for $40 (8 visits).

There are water jets at this pool, a very nice feature.

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