Thursday, May 18, 2017

Drew Martin said at the TCRPC meeting in April, “[S]uspects we might have less opioid addiction if we protected more trees”.

The next meeting of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) is tomorrow (May 19th) at 9:30. Use this link for the agenda. Here is the location:
Wolf High Technology Center, Indian River State College – Chastain Campus, 2400 SE Salerno Road in Stuart.
At tomorrow’s meeting maybe Mr. Martin can clarify his comments about Walden Pond. Is there a “historical site of Walden Pond” in Florida? Was he referring to the “Walden Pond” in Concord, MA? If that’s the case maybe he should check out the reviews on TripAdvisor. Eighty-seven percent rate Walden Pond as either “Excellent” or “Very good”.

And there’s this from New England Today:

Henry David Thoreau may have put it on the map back in 1854 when he published Walden, but Walden Pond is definitely a nature retreat full of surprises and delights still today.

Here is an excerpt from the minutes of the April meeting at the TCRPC:

He [Martin] said at one point the county was going to buy the former Briger Tract, which is now called Alton, as a nature area. He indicated now everything has been removed and ponds were put in, which are being treated more as toxic waste sites than actual ponds. He noted even the historical site of Walden Pond has turned into a garbage dump. He stated he hopes Council will begin to change how the site plans are done so we stop cutting down and removing all the trees. He stated people will actually pay more to live next to trees, this is an economic issue as well as a health issue. He stated that although he cannot draw a direct connection to the opioid crises, he suspects we might have less opioid addiction if we protected more trees and people had something to look at to invigorate and help them.

Don’t think trees will figure much in the fight against opioid addiction here in Florida. Having just recently visited the State of Michigan can tell you there are a lot of trees there and they also have a problem with opoids.

Maybe now we know why Mr. Martin didn’t make the list of the “The 19 Best Environmentalists in South Florida” compiled by the Broward/Palm Beach New Times. But guess who did make the list? Two of them are/were from the little City of Lake Worth. Use this link to find out who did make the list of “The 19 Best”.

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