Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do you remember the protest against the Lake Worth CRA? A video of that protest is below.

What happened here in the little City of Lake Worth?

Remember when we used to have a protest every week?

Did you know it’s been almost 16 months since we had a protest here in our City? It’s true. Read about that using this link.

Do you remember the former City of Lake Worth reporter Larry the Lenz? The one with the blue hair and those big glasses? Mr. Lenz is now in Venezuela covering the protests there for a news outlet in New York City. He actually spotted a former Lake Worth commissioner in Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s motorcade.

Larry, if you didn’t know, is still very much hobbled after falling out of tree and then getting hit by a car covering another protest in Lake Worth. Remember that protest against a baseball stadium in John Prince Park that’s now the home of the largest dog park ever created in the history of mankind?

Click on images from that protest to enlarge:

“Save Our Children!”

Enjoy the video! “The Mural Protest” at the former shuffleboard courts, now home of LULA’s Armory Art Annex:

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