Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Another location nearby the City of Lake Worth to swim and do water exercise.

The County pool at Lake Lytal is closed on Sunday and Monday. So yesterday went and checked out the County’s Therapeutic Recreation Complex (“T-Rec”) just outside the City of Lake Worth, east of Congress Ave. (on the same side as Lake Osborne at 2728 Lake Worth Rd.).

Like Lake Lytal (use this link to learn more), parking is FREE at T-Rec so you don’t have the hassle of paying for parking and then paying to swim (for example, to use the now-closed Lake Worth pool at the Beach).

Click on images to enlarge:
Entry is $6 and must sign a waiver. Passes are also available for $40 (8 visits).

Pool is kept at 86°. There are water jets also at this pool (note in image above).

For more information about T-Rec call 561-966-7015.