Friday, October 27, 2017

“This seems to call into question whether the developer would re-open the Gulfstream Hotel. . .

“. . . and build a ‘second hotel’ if not awarded the beachfront project.”

Another article discovered. This one from April 2015 in a former City tabloid.

Click on image to enlarge:
“We would like to immediately get to an agreement,” the developer writes in a March 2 [2015] letter. . .

This former City tabloid first appeared in January 2015 with the headline, “Gallery Owner Pitches ‘Art Ship’ for Lake Worth’s Waterfront”. The tabloid ultimately failed from lack of advertising and community support.

The exclamation mark (!) was a quite
frequent punctuation tool.

Downtown littering became a big problem throughout the City following this tabloid’s release. It was given away FREE and delivered FREE to select neighborhoods with what are called “supervoters” (those who vote in every election). Also interesting, the tabloid stopped publishing shortly after the March elections that year.

Several archival collections remain of this tabloid — separate from and not to be confused with The Lake Worth Herald — the City’s oldest business, “Established in 1912”.