Monday, April 24, 2017

YouTube videos about the little City of Lake Worth you might find interesting.

For the most-popular videos (30 in all) on my Lake Worth YouTube channel use this link. Along with each video is a red “Subscribe” button. Subscribers get an email when new videos have been uploaded.

Coming in at #9 is “Historic Postcards from Lake Worth — early to mid-20th Century”. At #21 is “The Cottages of Lake Worth”, Yours Truly with Allan Mason from WBZT. And hope you enjoy this one as well, “Why it’s generally unwise to be disrespectful to City employees”.

The video below needs a short explanation. A story that’s legendary in Lake Worth. Loretta Sharpe has since passed away but 4 years ago, in very poor health even then, it was Loretta who took up the fight against THE BIG LIE about building heights in Lake Worth. Back in early 2012 THE LIARS got such a huge head start confusing the public that no one thought it was possible to get the truth out.

One piece of propaganda used to confuse the public about building heights in Downtown Lake Worth:
A stealth propaganda campaign had gotten a huge head start back in 2012–2013, many month’s in the making. But Loretta saw a way to fight back. How? It was spectacular! 

Here’s the short version: I got a call from Loretta in January 2013 and she told me there was a meeting at her house — she had an idea to talk about, hanging a gigantic banner atop the Gulfstream Hotel to win the ‘heights vote’ — everyone thought she had lost her mind, including myself.

But Loretta’s idea was brilliant and everyone noticed. . .

Loretta Sharpe.
November 4th, 1938–January 26th, 2016.

An excerpt from The Lake Worth Herald: “Loretta was born on November 4, 1938 and hailed from South Portland, Maine. No one knows how much of her legendary feistiness, uninhibited temperament and fierce loyalty were imbued in her character by the geography and culture of her New England childhood home. But what everyone who ever met and admired this woman knew without doubt, Loretta elevated those qualities to an art form and brought them all to Lake Worth when she settled here almost three decades ago.

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