Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Obtuse Blogger wrote, “Omari (a name that means God the Highest) Hardy, claims. . .”

A timely reminder for all candidates seeking election.

It’s never a good idea to lose ones temper — except when it is a good idea — like what Lake Worth Commissioner Omari Hardy did in a rare display of ire prior to Election Day last March. Learn more about that below.

Then there’s this sage advice:

“I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”
—Harry Truman.

Then-citizen Omari Jamal-Hatchett Hardy, now District 2 Lake Worth Commissioner Hardy, had his “Give ’em Hell, Harry!” moment a few weeks prior to being elected.

Displaying any type of ranker or annoyance is never a good idea when running for an elected position, except when it is a good idea. Would guess when the rumors first began about Mr. Hardy not living within the District 2 limits (see image below) — meaning he was not qualified to run in the election — those spreading the rumors didn’t think it entirely through.

Because what they were also implying is the City Clerk doesn’t know how to do her job or is not quite up to the tasks; most definitely not the case. And they also didn’t know all this nonsense would ultimately backfire and may have been the boost Hardy needed to win.

Give ’em Hell, Hardy!

In response to these rumors would imagine there was some sort of meeting between Hardy and his campaign team. And what they decided to do was come out strong. And they did. They hammered everybody on Facebook who was spreading the rumor.

The Post beat reporter mentioned this in an article and cited now-former-Commissioner McVoy as well. McVoy denied having anything to do with this nonsense being spread on Facebook and elsewhere.

Eighteen days before Election Day last March, from The Obtuse Blogger (TOB), click on image to enlarge.
From TOB, “Omari (a name that means God the Highest) Hardy, claims. . .”.