Monday, April 24, 2017

The “Lake Worth Non-Profits” Showcase is TODAY at 7:00.

If you could please arrive by 6:45 it would be very helpful. We will try to get a group photo of everyone. As you arrive please see me [Karla] and I will add your name to the list and you will present in order of arrival time (we were going to do alphabetical order but that might not work logistically). There will be a table set up for you to provide handouts. It will be a really great night. Karla Engel, Secretary, Bryant Park NA”:

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Monday at 7:00. Hosted by the Bryant Park Neighborhood Assoc. at the Beach Club, #1 7th Ave. North:

There are approximately 23 local nonprofits presenting. Each will present in alphabetical order for approximately 5 minutes each:
  • The person representing the non-profit.
  • How you got involved and the non-profit’s mission.
  • Accomplishments and future needs.
This Showcase of local nonprofits will be videotaped.

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